No longer and EP…Now an Album!

After spending the last nine months recording, chopping, changing, cursing, crying and cheering, I am happy to report the impending release of my first solo LP. An 11th hour flurry of creative activity added a further four songs into the mix.

I spent much time agonising over the best way to promote and sell the album and I have decided to use Bandcamp, primarily because it allows the artist to have much more control over pricing and format. Bandcamp take a small commission, with the rest of fee going direct to the artist. No big or little people to take a slice of the pie on the way.

In the post 2008 world, those ‘pie slice’ costs are now covered by the artist alone which also means a time commitment for self-marketing and press. It does, however give the artist greater freedom to direct precious time and resources

So, the proceeds form the sale of the LP will be reinvested into its promotion, and then into my next project (more on this at a later date…)



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