Music Lessons

Studio Bass 1

I am a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing at a professional level for 20 years.

I teach double-bass, bass guitar and vocal tuition from my home in Gloucestershire and my studio in the centre of Bristol. I can also teach at your home address, although this may be for a small surcharge.

I aim to make the learning experience fun, engaging and tailored to suit individual musical tastes.
All ages and abilities are welcome.
I am CRB/DBS certified
Lesson durations can be tailored to according to need. As a general rule, young students under the age of 14 are more suited to 45 minutes, adults an hour.
I can offer grades and musical theory tuition.
Block bookings are available

A double-bass can be a serious investment, although many secondary schools will own one for student use. I have ¾ sized double-bass at my studio for students to use. This slightly smaller size is popular with jazz musicians and children and teenagers will find it much easier to play.

A good beginner’s bass guitar can be purchased for as little as £150. Prospective students can try a selection of my own bass guitars to get a sense of the best guitar for their needs.

Many of us dream of being able to sing in public, but think of ourselves as incapable of the task. Our voice is an instrument, just like any other, and can therefore be fine-tuned through practice and technique. I work with students to gently increase confidence, to overcome fears and to explore how to project the voice with confidence. Good vocal teaching practice involves developing the musical ‘ear’, and a strong focus on mechanics of signing. As these two key aspects begin to fall in place, a singer’s command of the voice grow very quickly.

To find out more, email me or call me 07786321072