Dan Everett was born and raised in a pleasant Cotswold-stone housing estate north of Cheltenham. A bohemian cultural life filled with bank holiday afternoon movies, Lego, Airfix kits and exotic cheeses such as Edam ignited a latent creativity that eventually blossomed into a love of music.

Dan also discovered his parent’s long-neglected vinyl collection (this being the zeitgeist of the compact disk) and fell in love with heavily scratched copies of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa albums. Most formative, however, was an 18th birthday present of Leo Kottke’s seminal “6 & 12 String Guitar”, which opened Dan’s mind to the possibilities of the steel-strung music.

Dan lives a nomadic lifestyle, commuting from junction 13 of the M5 to central Bristol, or driving trucks around the M25 and he often weaves  experiences from his travels into his delicate, tendril-like tone poems.

Success arrived in his late twenties when his band, Polly and the Billets Doux, released its debut album to critical acclaim. Appearances with Mumford and Sons and plays on Radio 2 and Radio 6 brought the band wider exposure and they continue to tour in the U.K. and the Continent every year. Nonetheless, Dan continues to write and perform as a solo artist, releasing his first EP, The Body Misses the Floor in 2011.

Now established enough to refer to himself in the third person, Dan continues to play, write and live a creatively free life, wandering through the exotic and bohemian quarters of East Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Droitwich, Nuneaton looking for inspiration. He even owned a vintage rusty bicycle for a while. For the most part, he simply travels in his imagination and pours thoughts and memories into song.